ARTE! Brasileiros

International Seminar: "Art as worldbuilding"


Savine Faupin, Curator of the LaM/F

Elisabeth Telsnig, PhD in History of Art, curator and author/A

Tânia Rivera, psychoanalyst, professor at the Fluminese Federal University, curator/BR

Raquel Fernandes, General Director of the Bispo do Rosário Museum/BR


Ricardo Resende, curator responsible for FAMA and the Bispo do Rosário Museum/BR


The seminar is supported by Galeria Estacao, Sao Paulo / BR, that opens to the public solo exhibitions by the Brazilian artist Fernando Diniz and the Austrian artist Josef Hofer:


09. 09. 2019 - 09. 10. 2019:

Josef Hofer

Galeria Estacao, Sao Paulo/BR





DVD on Paul Amar, Michael Golz, Josef Hofer, Anna Zemankova

by Philippe Lespinasse and Andress Alvarez, 2017,

published by the Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne/CH 


Josef Hofer on video:


BUCH/BOOK/LIVRE, September 2018:

"...Trotl bin ich nicht. Kreatives Schaffen in der Landesheilanstalt Salzburg 1849-1969"

Oskar Dohle/Ulrike Feistmantl/Elisabeth Telsnig

ISBN 978-3-9503422-8-4